Meeting of the NH Commission on Aging

Who We Are

The Commission on Aging was established in 2019 to advise the governor and the general court on policy and planning related to aging. A more age-integrated New Hampshire fostered by forward thinking public policy and initiatives will ensure we can all thrive as we age.

RSA Chapter 19-P: State Commission on Aging

Older Adult Volunteer Award Honorees

The Governor of New Hampshire, the New Hampshire Commission on Aging, and EngAGING NH annually seek to honor individuals or couples over the age of 60 who are volunteering in ways that serve to build strong communities in each county of the State. Celebrating the contributions of people demonstrates the difference any one of us can make at any point in our lives on the lives of others. Check out our honorees using the links below.

NH Commission on Aging Newsletters

Connecting Older Adults

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